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4 October 2019 Facts get in the way of a bad story

20 August 2019 Aussies continue to value private hospital care

16 July 2019 Grattan Institute report fails to understand private sector

23 June 2019 Victorian public hospital review welcomed

21 June 2019 Victorian hospitals’ cash grab slammed

23 May 2019 Elective waiting times up as public hospitals put profit first

21 May 2019 Australians value access to private hospitals

3 May 2019 Patients lose out as health debate loses focus

15 April 2019 Elective surgery wait times a good target – but be careful of perverse incentives

27 March 2019 Queensland bed block disaster a matter of private in public

19 March 2019 States need to own up to cash grab

14 February 2019 Value in health insurance: private hospital access


15 November 2018 Private hospital care highly valued by Aussies

24 May 2018 Evidence of public hospitals failing patients grows

17 May 2018 Private patients in public hospitals numbers up again

24 April 2018 Queensland health minister masking deliberate ED cash grab

28 March 2018 New legislation package benefits consumers

4 February 2018 Premium increase may lead to patient pain


6 December 2017 Public Hospitals being privatised by stealth

24 November 2017 Health Minister mistaken on private hospital performance

13 October 2017  Better access: private health insurance reform

10 October 2017 Private hospitals caring for Australians with mental illness

25 September 2017 Private patients treated in public hospitals is lose-lose

23 August 2017 Private hospitals ready to answer AMA call for more training places

19 August 2017 Call to protect patients’ rights in public hospitals

15 August 2017 Private in public growth adds to premium woes

21 June 2017 Public hospitals rorting bad for patients – report

31 May 2017 Private sector steps up to train Australia’s health workforce

17 May 2017 Australians languish on public waiting lists while public hospitals count the cash

5 May 2017 Prostheses review framework sets reform agenda

15 March 2017 Knee surgery rehabilitation: new research not the full story

10 February 2017 Public hospitals’ greed pushing up health insurance premiums

18 January 2017 Private health insurance reform a priority for new Minister


15 October 2016 Talking about PTSD encourages Aussies to seek help

10 October 2016 Progress ending mental health stigma, but more to do

8 August 2016 Medibank time travels to find data to suit their cause

27 June 2016 Major parties commit to improving private health insurance for Australians

12 June 2016  Making sense of private health insurance

4 May 2016Federal Budget Inclusive approach to private health insurance reform

31 March 2016 Greens’ plan dire for Australia’s health system

5 February 2016 Prostheses Reform Group Welcomed by Private Hospitals