Grattan Report: Mythbusters

The Grattan Report ‘Saving private health 1: reining in hospital costs and specialist bills’ makes some claims regarding private health care that do not stand up to scrutiny. There are…

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Private Health Insurance Reform

Private health insurance reforms have begun to be implemented. There are a number of sources of information for hospitals, clinicians and patients. The main links for information are below.…

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Literature Review

Evaluating the role of rehabilitation for lower limb joint replacement, deconditioning and cancer – Literature Review

PPHDRAS Annual Statistical Report for 2017-2018

The development, preparation and distribution of this report has been undertaken by the Australian Private Hospitals Association’s (APHA) Private Psychiatric Hospitals Data Reporting and Analysis Service (PPHDRAS) as part of…

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The facts about Australian private hospitals

The following document provides the facts about the contribution private hospitals make to the Australian health system. Download the Pdf: Private hospital service provision – August 2018

Second Tier Default Benefit Eligibility

ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES TO SECOND-TIER HOSPITAL APPLICATIONS From 1 January 2019, the Second-Tier Advisory Committee (STAC) will no longer assess applications for Second Tier eligibility. This function will be managed by…

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