Since Olympus began developing the first gastro camera over 60 years ago, Olympus has continuously made technological innovations that alleviate the burden on patients and support accurate diagnosis. Established in Japan in 1919 Olympus has been at the forefront of medical and scientific technology for almost 100 years. Olympus is a global leader in medical technology, manufacturing a range of high quality products used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

After seven years in development, Olympus has bought together all of our technology to unveil the EVIS EXERA III video platform. In March 2012, Olympus introduced the revolutionary EVIS EXERA III. This new imaging platform is setting new standards for endoscopic technologies. This state of-the-art system offers the greatest possible flexibility for use across gastroenterology, respiratory, ENT and surgical departments.

In April 2012, Olympus launched THUNDERBEAT into the Australian and New Zealand market. THUNDERBEAT integrates both advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies and delivers simultaneously from a single, versatile instrument. This integration delivers the widely recognised benefits of each individual energy; the ability to rapidly cut tissue with ultrasonic energy, and the ability to create reliable vessel seals with bipolar energy.

As the world leader in endoscopy, Olympus provides cutting-edge medical technology to healthcare professionals around the globe. Our commitment to research and development and our collaborative efforts with the medical community work to improve both the underlying technology and the quality of patient care it helps deliver. It is a continuous evolution, aimed at advancing the art of endoscopy.

To ensure this technology is effectively utilized in its working environment, Olympus launched the world’s first dedicated integration platform for flexible endoscopy – ENDOALPHA.  Olympus has been able to build on this platform and now offers a comprehensive range of integrated products – including digital capture and documentation systems, video management solutions, equipment control modules and even complete endoscopy rooms, walls and all – specifically tailored to meet the demands of flexible endoscopy.

Olympus Australia PTY. LTD. was established in June 1997 as a direct subsidiary of the Olympus Corporation Japan. Olympus plays a leading role across Australia and New Zealand delivering first class product solutions to customers combined with unparalleled training, technical support and service delivery.  Olympus further prides itself on supporting educational programs and engaging with, and listening to, customers’ needs to develop products to improve each patients’ quality of life.

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