“Our brand is our people and our people are the guardians of our brand”.

Gow-Gates is one of the largest Australian owned insurance brokers in the industry today. Established in 1963 , Gow-Gates has been the proud recipient of many “Broker of the Year” titles awarded by industry bodies over the years. With an extensive national and international customer base, Gow-Gates is a local broker with global resources and are certainly well placed to cater for any of your insurance requirements.

In the ever changing world of insurance markets, it is most important for you to have a broker who works for you as an extension of your business and someone who acts as your advocate in your time of need. Just as you value your patients needs, we value yours. Your insurance programme needs the same ongoing attention as your patients and it is with Vision, Excellence and Integrity that our results are achieved.

Gow-Gates has been well established within the health sector for a number of years ,and in conjunction with the APHA as major sponsors, we wish to extend this offering to all APHA members.

More detail with respect to our capabilities can be found at our website at www.gowgates.com.au or alternatively please contact Helen Bullock for further detail on how Gow-Gates can be of assistance to you.