Annual Review 2013 a showcase of the vital work undertaken this year

Policy & Research Report

Lucy Cheetham, Director, Policy & Research

The 2013 year was one in which APHA’s Taskforces and Secretariat both continued to progress work on issues carrying over from 2012 and looked forward to new opportunities arising from the Federal election. Engagement with government committees and working groups at the State and Federal level continued and expanded. As in previous years, many APHA members volunteered their expertise and time to represent APHA and private hospitals on these groups. The fact that APHA is recognised as the industry leader in terms of advocacy and contribution to policy formulation and discussion is due in large part to the people who make the time to attend meetings, comment on submissions and give the benefit of their experience and advice.

In August 2013 APHA farewelled Dr Mehrdad Khodai-Joopari who resigned from the postion of Manager Data and Research to take up a position with Queensland Health.  In October Meke Kamps was appointed to this position.

Policy Submissions in 2013

APHA made the following submissions over the year:

  • The National Audit Commission
  • The Review of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records System
  • Department of Health and Ageing – Review of Funding Arrangements for Chemotherapy Services
  • Health Workforce Australia – International Medical Graduates (IMG) Orientation and Supervision consultation paper
  • Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Work Program 2013/14
  • The Mental Heath Nurses Incentive Program
  • The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care – National Standards Accreditation
  • Submission to the Senate Committee regarding the Private Health Insurance Legislation Amendment (Base Premium) Bill 2012 
  • Submission to the Senate Committee regarding the Supply of Chemotherapy Drugs such as Docetaxel
  • APHA Submission on the Definition of Mental Health Services for the Definition and Cost Drivers for Mental Health Services
  • Response to the Private Health Insurance Administrative Council’s discussion paper on Competition in the Australian Private Health Insurance Market

APHA’s public submissions are available on our website at:

In addition APHA provided advice to the following consultations:

  • Paxton Partners – Cost Drivers in Teaching Training and Research for the Independent Hopsital Pricing Authority
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers –  Private Facility Licensing and Regulation Review for the ACSQHC
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers – the National Hospital Cost Data Collection
  • Apex Consulting – Palliative Care and Intensive Care outside of the Intensive Care Unit for the Medical Services Advisory Committee
  • IHPA Project on Cost Drivers of Teaching, Training and Research – Proposed Data Collection
  • Workcover NSW – Private Hospitals Fee Schedule
  • National Health Performance Authority – Draft Data Plan for Private Hospitals.

APHA’s National Representation

  • APHA is represented on many Federal and State Committees and Advisory Groups. At the Federal level, these include:
  • The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care and associated committees and working parties of the Commission including The Private Sector Committee
  • The Board  of Australian Council for Healthcare Standards and committees of the Council
  • The Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP)
  • Prostheses Listing Advisory Committee
  • Health Technology Assessment Consultative Advisory Committee
  • Australian Consortium for Classification Development DRG and IRG working groups
  • Health Workforce Australia – NGO/Private Sector Stakeholder Group and associated project advisory groups
  • The Independent Hospital Price Authority NGO/Private Sector Stakeholder Group and associate project advisory groups.


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