Annual Review 2013 a showcase of the vital work undertaken this year

APHA Board


APHA Board Members:

(Back row, left to right) Michael Roff, Alan Cooper, Christine Gee, Anne Crouch, Daniel Sims

(Front row, left to right) Philip Currie, Chris Rex, Geoff Sam, Richard Royle



President Mr Christopher Rex Chair,
  Managing Director, APHA Board
  Ramsay Health Care  
  Australia Pty Ltd  
Vice President Mr Richard Royle Chair,
  Chief Executive Officer, Policy & Advocacy Taskforce
  UnitingCare Health Group  
Treasurer Mr Philip Currie Chair,
  Chief Operations Officer, Finance & Audit Committee
  Sydney Adventist Hospital  
Chair of Council Mr Geoff Sam  
  Healthe Care  

Other Directors        

Mr Robert Cooke  
  Chief Executive Officer,  
  Mr Alan Cooper  
  Chief Executive Officer,  
  Friendly Society Private Hospital  
  Ms Anne Crouch Chair,
  Chief Executive Officer, Communications & Marketing Taskforce 
  Eye-Tech Day Surgeries  
  Ms Christine Gee Chair,
  Chief Executive Officer, Safety & Quality Taskforce
  Toowong Private Hospital  
  Mr Daniel Sims Chair, 
  Chief Operating Officer, Financial Sustainability Taskforce & Workforce Taskforce
  Australia / Indonesia  
  Ramsay Health Care Australia Pty Ltd    


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